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Privacy Laws & Why You Need It

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When creating or updating your website, your web designer may inquire about privacy laws and why you need to be aware of them. Causing your initial thought may be – “Does it really matter?” Initially, you may not think so. You may assume that it’s something you can copy from a generic template that you Google. But your privacy policy is more important than you may realize. It could protect your business in the long run.

What is a Privacy Policy, and how does it help with privacy laws?

Termageddon defines a Privacy Policy as “a document that discloses what personal information you collect on your website, what you do with that information, and who you share it with, amongst other disclosures.” That means you need a Privacy Policy if you collect personal information like names and emails.

But why is it absolutely necessary to add to your site…and would anyone even notice? In short, yes. Numerous privacy laws in the U.S. require a Privacy Policy for collecting personal information. Some of these laws include:

  • The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Delaware Online Privacy Protection Act (DOPPA)
  • Nevada’s Revised Statues Chapter 603A
  • Colorado Privacy Act (goes into effect in 2023)
  • Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (goes into effect in 2023)

Keep in mind that these laws may apply to you if you do business in these states or collect information from residents. AND these laws protect consumers, not businesses.

What is the consequence of violating these privacy laws? Fines for violations can start at $2,500 per violation per website visitor. More and more states continue to pass and update Privacy Policy laws and it is something you should be aware of as the laws continue to change.

How should you set up a Privacy Policy?

Setting up a Privacy Policy can be quick and easy, especially when working with Virtual Changemakers for your web design updates, as we work with Termageddon and give you access to policies at a discounted rate. Termagesson is a Privacy Policy generator that helps keep your policy low-maintenance by automatically updating your website’s policies whenever the laws change.

Ready to get your Privacy Policy in place? Get started with Termageddon today, or reach out to us to get started at a discount.

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